5 Reasons to Refresh Your Website This Year

The year 2020 comes with new changes as technology continues to make waves across many sectors. Refreshing content is not all about a complete overhaul. It can contain simple things as creating an updated call to action, updating homepage images, and filling the content with new information. Below are ways to refresh the website in 2020.

Update the Content

Content needs to be updated as the brand grows or as more things take a new shape. When the content gets updated, it comes easier when customers search on the website.

The SEO world changes all the time, and that’s what customers base on when searching through Google. Therefore, it’s crucial to change the content with relevant information. Let there be a great difference between the old and new content by making it SEO friendly.

Come up with a New Keyword Strategymarketing refresh

The keyword that customers used the previous years is not as strategic as what is in for 2020. It’s important to develop a keyword strategy that will create a complete change and give the website visitors quality service during the search.

Create a list of various and most sort after keywords from primary, secondary to long-tail. To make it more effective, do a proper analysis of what most visitors search for and use a Google keyword planner to establish quality words to use.

Update Images, Videos, and Banners

The first point of contact for the customers when visiting the website is on the videos, images, and banners section. Such components make the website attractive to the visitors, and most people would spend much time on the site due to these factors.

Things are changing too first, and the designs for last year are not the same as for 2020. Make the site more attractive by updating the graphics, review the images and videos, and make the necessary changes. Identify the products that need changes and ensure they’re all up-to-date.

Make Call to Action Triggers Up-to-Date

Various elements attract customers to the call to action section. Such include e-books, newsletters, and information about goods or services.

The triggers should match with the new content and boost the keyword. It’s a crucial step and more effective as the website content. It needs to be in a strategic position that the visitor can quickly identify without much navigation through the website.

Verify Links on the Website

When the links get broken, it creates a frustrating search journey for the website visitors, especially when there have been frequent changes on the site. Create a smooth journey for the audience by verifying the links to ensure that they’re all in order.

Verify the links whether there were recent changes on the website or not since the website visitors can open the link at any time. Since the links can be both internal and external, it’s crucial to check them to ensure that the pages are accessible.


Updating the website in 2020 is the best way to create a quick flow of activities for the business and the clients. In this highly competitive world, it’s crucial to remain relevant in the industry and stay ahead of the crowd. Contact us for help with your implementation.

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