Building an Email List

Why is Building an Email List Important?
The most valuable asset to your business is its customers. That said, why not use the best techniques to stay in touch with them? Email marketing is now, and for the foreseeable future, the most effective way to connect. Building an Email List

The point is to make regular contact with customers by delivering perfectly timed automated emails in the form of a newsletter or a beautifully designed email to generate excitement in your brand, product, or service.

But, how do you grow that all-important email list?

Effective Strategies for Building Your List
Creating a dynamite landing page isn’t by itself going to answer this question. A free offering of something valuable is an excellent start. An e-book or a video about a burning topic, for example, can entice your readers to give you their email address.

As the leads begin to increase, email automation is key to building on your success here. I said that a great landing page isn’t going to create your list but done correctly, it’s a start. Now that people are showing interest in your brand don’t disappoint them.

Nurture each lead with an automated email campaign that will bring them closer to converting into a sale. The first email should welcome your new lead and make them feel like they made the right decision.

The welcome email also sets expectations for future contact with them. Always respect your readers and their wishes. If they prefer weekly emails vs. monthly, be sure to abide by that. Please give them a choice.

Whatever frequency your leads prefer, always deliver relevant content that answers their burning questions and piques their interest for the next email. Keep the goal of nurturing your leads towards making that all-important sale and creating a loyal customer top of mind.

I know that email marketing is foreign to many people. They’ve all seen it in action. Their email inboxes probably contain many emails from other lists they’ve joined over the years.

As you build your list, you’re building a relationship with each member of your audience. While your list grows over time, the flow of communication to your subscribers helps them get to know you and your brand and turn prospects into customers.

Readers get to learn more about your product or services by joining your email list, and from the interaction with them, become a loyal and targeted audience. Your growing targeted audience becomes an essential asset for your business and becomes a substantial revenue source.

How Does Email Marketing Help Increase Sales?
If you’re still undecided about the effectiveness of marketing with email, consider that the ROI from this type of marketing yields a 42 to 1 ratio per dollar invested. A return of $42 for every $1 spent is excellent and worth the effort to implement this marketing strategy sooner than later.

You may wonder what kind of emails are most effective. The right approach is to send a variety of emails and see how they work. Often, promotional ones that offer savings and free shipping have a good response.

Newsletters help keep your brand in front of customers, too. They’re genuinely effective when you share useful information your readers can benefit from immediately. Your readers like your brand, and when you can enhance your reputation in their minds by giving them needed help and information, it’s a win for both!

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