While the rules have changed for SEO since the old days, incoming link building is alive and well. Backlink strategies are also one of the only guaranteed ranking signals that have always correlated to a website’s domain authority, which is a key metric for determining how well your site will rank for different keywords.

If you have multiple links from high domain authority sources, such as blogs with a pagerank of 4 or higher, then you are probably getting a ton of organic traffic and ranking higher than your competitors. SEO backlinks

But let’s not get too ahead of the topic. Here’s a guide to link building and understanding how backlinking strategies help with your traffic.

What are SEO Backlinks

Within search engine optimization, links occur when another high-ranking site link back to your site for a certain keyword. It’s best when these links are naturally placed, but there are strategies to use guest blogging or sponsored posts to increase your links.

Within search engine optimization, links affirm that your website is an authority and offers valuable information for the keyword. It’s a bit like a share on social media and validation of social proof.

When a search engine sees a link on another high-ranking page, it’s a vote of confidence for your website for that specific keyword that’s linked in the anchor text.

How Do Backlinks Generate Qualified Traffic

Websites can’t rank without links, which means you won’t get any search engine traffic without them. In addition, you want to make sure that your links always have keywords in the anchor text and point to your best content.

When links to your site lead to great content, you’ll build more qualified traffic over time. The right keywords can also link back to content-driven landing pages that provide information, as well as your offer.

How to Get More Backlinks

It takes time and effort to create links. Until you build more visibility for your brand on social media, it may take awhile to get sites to find your pages and link to them.

However, you can use the guest blogging technique to post content with links back to your site. While it’s best to find blogs directly related to your keywords, you also want to look for blogs with higher pageranks of 4 and up or sites with high domain authority scores.

Should You Hire an SEO Backlinking Expert?

When it comes to generating traffic through links, it’s helpful to have someone on your side to create content and execute a foolproof backlinking strategy. Need to start earning some links? Get a free quote from Villagraphx.